Charlotte Wiedemann - Portrait

Curriculum Vitae

born in Moenchengladbach, Federal Republic of Germany

Master Degree in Educational Science and Sociology, University of Goettingen

1980 -1982 
School of Journalism, Hamburg

1983 -1986 
Reporter with a local daily newspaper in Northern Germany

1987- 1989 
Political Correspondent with the newspaper „ die tageszeitung", Bonn

1990- 1993 
Political Correspondent with the magazin „Stern", Bonn

1993 -1999 
Reporter with the weekly „Die Woche" in Hamburg and Berlin
Lecturer at various Media Academies and Schools of Journalism

1999 - 2003
Southeast Asia Correspondent for German and Swiss print media, based in Malaysia. Authoring a book on Southeast Asia.

Since Oct 2003
Author of in-depth reports on Islamic societies. Research trips to Pakistan, Iran, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and many others for the weekly „Die Zeit". Reports on African societies, esp Mali. Authoring a book on findings in ten Islamic countries. Based in Berlin.

Selection of translated reports